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Jain 24 Tirthankaras

In jainism, a Tirthankara is a human being who helps in achieving liberation and enlightenment as an arihant. Tirthankara achieve liberation and enlightenment by destroying their constraining (karmas) and becoming role models and leaders for those seeking spiritual guidance. They also seek kevala gyan, a state of permanent, perpetual, absolute knowledge of the soul; it is the precursor to final liberation from the cycle of birth and death.The tirthankars are also called Arihantas. Arihanta means destroyer of enemies. Here the enemy means the enemies of the soul. These are internal enemies and are defined as the passion of anger ,ego, greed, and deceit ( krodh, maan, maya, lobh) etc.

Panch Kalyanak

Jains celebrate five major events in the life of a Tirthankar. They are called Panch Kalyanak (auspicious events).Panch Kalyanaka are the five chief auspicious events that are believed to occur in the life of tirthankara in Jainism.They are commemorated as part of many Jain rituals and festivals.

These auspicious life events are as below -

❋ Chyavana Kalyanak

This is the event when the Tirthankar's soul departs from its last life, and is conceived in the mother’s womb. Read More..

❋ Janma Kalyanak

This is the event when the Tirthankar's soul is born.Read More..

❋ Diksha Kalyanak

This is the event when the Tirthankar's soul gives up all his/her worldly possessions and becames a monk/nun. (Digambar sect does not believe that women can become Tirthankar or be liberated.) Read More..

❋ Kevaljnana Kalyanak

This is event when Tirthankar’s soul destroys the four ghati karmas completely and attains the Kevaljnana (absolute knowledge). This is the most important event for the entire Jain order as the Tirthankar reinstates Jain Sangh and preaches the Jain path of purification and liberation. Read More..

❋ Nirvana Kalyanak

This event is when a Tirthankar’s soul is liberated from this worldly physical existence forever and becomes a Siddha. On this day, the Tirthankar’s soul destroys the four aghati karmas completely, and attains salvation, the state of eternal bliss. Read More..

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